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Himel, Matthew


Quantum mechanics revolutionized physics in early 20th century and lead to one of the two field theories, the standard model, which is a crowing achievement of our contemporary times. However, paradoxes within the quantum mechanics, were recognized early on. These paradoxes have paved way to multiple interpretations of quantum mechanics over the century. These interpretations do not particularly affect the validity of the empirically established observations and measurements. We will attempt to introduce a few major interpretations of quantum mechanics and present their advantages and disadvantages in a very limited fashion. Though most interpretations do not tend themselves to experimental tests, it is possible that many of the interpretations are mere differing versions of the same objective truth, while some interpretations that do tend themselves to experimental test, beg further exploration of the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of History| Department of Physics and Astronomy


hidden variables, spontaneous collapse, wave function collapse, many worlds, interpretations of quantum mechanics, foundations of quantum mechanics