ME 4233/6233 Fundamentals of FEA

FEA (finite element analysis) for a bead on plate weld.



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In their daily practice, professional engineers are often confronted with problems involving complex physical phenomena. Many complicated engineering problems can now be solved with computers at extraordinarily little cost in a truly short time due to the large capacity of computers, and the interest in the use of numerical methods, such as the finite element methods. Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is an arc welding process during which the source of heat is an arc formed between a consumable metal electrode and the workpiece with an externally supplied gaseous shield of gas either inert like argon and /or helium which causes them to melt and join. Within the GMAW process a moving heat source welds the wires and deposits them on a plate, this work present how does varying the clamping conditions and interpass temperatures change the thermally induced residual stresses and distortion of the plate. The structure presented during this work is used within the navy systems to design ships and submarines, the latter, are constructed of welded plates, thus residual stresses and distortion can cause tolerance issues, stress concentrations, and premature failure under cyclic loading


GMAW, heat, interpass temperature, navy systems .


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FEA (finite element analysis) for a bead on plate weld.