ME 4233/6233 Fundamentals of FEA

Wing Design Utilizing Finite Element Analysis



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The wings are some of the most important structures on an aircraft. They provide the lift necessary to get the plane airborne. The structure of the wing must be able to resist the forces acting on it: lift, thrust, drag, and weight. Therefore, the structural analysis of the wings is a vital part of airplane design. In this project, the finite element analysis software ABAQUS will be used to perform a structural analysis of a wing. The project deliverables for this project will include a 3D model of the wing and a structural analysis of the wing using the finite element method in order to determine factors including stress and deformation. Some other deliverables will include the safety factor of the wing and an optimum wing material. Based on its high safety factor and several other criteria such as cost and weight, the aluminum alloy AL 6061-T6 was selected as the optimum material.


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Wing Design Utilizing Finite Element Analysis