Simmonds Newspaper Collection

Simmonds Newspaper Collection




This a newspaper and periodical collection which spans from the 1920s through the 1960s. The bulk of the artifacts cover the period between 1935 and 1954. Most of the articles relate to Lincoln or Lincoln related events, likenesses and depictions. Additional book sales reports and informational materials were included in the box, not inventoried below. Sunday News, May 6th 1945 Lincoln Pardons A Prisoner, By Rose C. Feld Lincoln Kissed Him, 1/15/1927 The Bar Sinister, 2/25/1927 The Boston Herald, 2/12/1939 The Sunday News 5/6/1945 Saturday Evening Post, 2/17/1940 Kansas City Star, 2/6/1938 Washington Post, 7/27/1947 The Foxboro Reporter, 2/10/1951 The Blue and Gray, 1/26/1951 The American Weekly, 2/10/1952 The Classmate, 2/9/1935 The Boston Sunday Globe, 2/11/1951 The New York Book Review, 2/10/1946 Nietzche and Nazism, 6/24/1943 Our Kneeling President, Walter S. Steele (n.d.) Boston Sunday Herald, 2/7/1954 The Boston Daily Globe, 2/17/1953 The Christian Science Monitor, 2/9/1954 Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 9/13/1964 It is Us for the Living, 1943 Boston Globe, 2/6/1949 New York Herald, 2/6/1949 Boston Post, 2/6/194 Boston Advertiser 2/6/1949 The Saturday Evening Post 10/30/1948 The Boston Herald 3/9/1949 Sunday News, 4/3/1949 Boston Sunday Globe, 5/8/1949 Blood on the Moon, Carl Sandburg (n.d.) Superstitions (n.d.) Life Magazine, 1949 Boston Post, 2/12/1946 The Boston Herald, 2/10/1946 Japanese Lincoln, (n.d.) The Boston Herald, 2/2/1941 Washington Post, 2/9/1941 The Christian Science Monitor, 12//1948 Look Magazine, 2/15/1949 The Christian Science Monitor, 2/12/1935 Lincoln Gettysburg Address, January 1946 (article) Boston Pictorial Review, 5/12/1946 Boston Sunday Post, 9/20/1946 Boston Pictorial Review, 11/7/1948 Sunday Mirror Magazine, 2/10/1946 The Boston Post, 5/30/1940 Women Day, February 1952 Women Day, February 1952 (Duplicate) Boston Herald 4/15/1951 Boston Sunday Globe, 2/10/1952 Time Magazine, 4/30/1951 Evening Post 4/7/1951 The Sunday Post 2/16/1952 Pittsburg Press 2/1952 The Boston Daily 2/11/1954 The Washington Post, 2/12/1936 Illinois State Register, 2/28/1937 State Register, 2/28/1937 pt. 2 State Register, 2/28/1937 pt. 3 The Boston Herald, 4/14/1940 The Boston Herald, 4/14/1940 (Duplicate) Secretaries of State, (n.d.) The Greeneville Sun, 6/15/1938 Sunday Advertiser Pictorial Review, 2/11/1945 Boston Post, 5/8/1945 Boston Post 5/8/1945 (Duplicate) Abraham Lincoln (n.d.) The Washington Post, 2/12/1944 The Evening Star, Washington D.C., 2/2/1936 Easton Express, 2/12/1940 Redbook March 1939 The Boston Globe, 2/6/1938 Story of Religion in America, 10/26/1937 The Boston Herald, 2/11/1940 The Boston Sunday Globe, 2/13/1938 Boston Sunday Globe Editorial and News feature section, 2/12/1939 The Boston Globe, 2/12/1927 The Arkansas Gazette 2/7/1937 The Boston Sunday, 2/12/1939 A Novel Close of A Historic Episode 70 Years Ago By George D. Gitt (n.d.) The Boston Globe, 2/12/1931 This Week Magazine, 2/12/1939 If You Could Go Back, by Alexander Woollcott (n.d.) Colliers Weekly 2/1944 Boston Sunday Globe Editorial and News Feature Section 2/9/1941 The Boston Sunday Globe, 4/11/1937 The Boston Herald, 4/11/1937 The Christian Monitor, 12/15/1948 Illinois State Register, 2/28/1937 Illinois State Register, 2/28/1937 pt.2


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Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Influence Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Museums Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Books and reading

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