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James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

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Honors Thesis


While STEM fields have been traditionally male dominated, the last few years have seen a greater push to recruit more females into these majors. While this unbalance has been partially corrected, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics still seem to favor male participants. A relatively new approach to female recruitment is the use of STEM intervention practices to raise self-efficacy and counteract stereotype threat. This technique has successfully positively influenced attitudes of both male and female students as well as the teaching attitudes of early education teachers. The Bulldog Bytes camp serves as an intervention practice for raising the computer literacy of elementary age girls in the state of Mississippi. While the research on the effects of the camp is still preliminary, the results of multiple surveys conducted at the 2018 camps point toward a positive shift in these girls’ computing self-efficacy as a result of the camp.

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Lee, Sarah

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Crumpton, Joe

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Oppenheimer, Seth