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Portrait of Abu Bakar of Johor, Malay seated in uniform


Maharajah Abu Bakar met General Grant once he arrived at the Government House in the capital of Singapore. The Maharajah ruled the neighboring province of Johor but had traveled to the Singapore capital to welcome Grant and invite him to his own capital. John Russell Young described the Maharajah as an “imposing gentleman”. He noted the Maharajah’s costume was embellished with diamonds and English decorations. When the Grants took the Maharajah up on his offer and traveled to Johor, the Maharajah entertained them at his residence. As it was the custom to welcome important dignitaries to a country with a gun salute, members of Grant’s party had expected this honor. They also expected to see the soldiers of Singapore assembled on the wharf waiting to welcome them. This honor had not occurred leaving many in Grant’s party annoyed. The welcome of the Singapore government does not seem to have bothered Grant. Rather, he responded positively towards Singapore’s hospitality. He noted that no expense had been spared in providing dinners and receptions. Grant asserted his purpose in the country was to see the people, their culture and the progress England was making in developing Asiatic civilization. He had no desire to be received ceremoniously.


Ulysses Grant Dietz


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Abu Bakar of Johor, Malay
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