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Portrait of Isma'il Pasha in uniform, Khedive of Egypt


Isma’il Pasha was the Khedive of Egypt and Sudan from 1863 until 1879. The Grants had arrived in Cairo at an inopportune time. The King of Italy had recently died placing the Khedive and his household in a time of mourning. As a result, the Khedive’s plans for receiving Grant at a state dinner were curtailed. These circumstances appear to have no effect on General Grant who preferred to wander and observe the sights and sounds of the Egyptian cities. This seems to have been a rare moment during the Grant World tour in which Grant would have preferred to be treated as a private citizen who had arrived in Egypt with the sole purpose of touring the country. Still as an ex-president, formal receptions with the nation’s head of state were expected. General Grant found his tour of Egypt interrupted in Cairo. A representative of the Khedive accompanied by the American envoy to Egypt, General Charles P. Stone had been sent to greet the Grants on behalf of the Khedive. The Grants were given the Palace of Kassr-el-Noussa to use during their stay and a reception was arranged in which General Grant would be presented to the Khedive. On the day of this reception the Khedive sent his own state carriage to collect Grant from the Palace of Kassr-el-Noussa. In a ceremonious reception, General Grant met the Khedive along with his son and various officers in Grant’s entourage. Later the Khedive made a visit to the Palace of Kassr-el-Noussa where he met Mrs. Grant. General Grant enjoyed experiencing foreign cities by taking walks through them. The Khedive is to have accompanied the General on one of these walks. The Khedive discussed General Stone’s service in his privy council with Grant and also showed him pictures of the recently constructed Suez Canal. After this initial meeting, the Khedive extended his hospitality by providing the Grants with a ship and court officials as guides for a tour of the Nile.


Ulysses Grant Dietz


London Stereoscopic Company. 110, 108 and 106 Regent St. W and at 54 Cheapside EC. Photo formerly part of the Charles L. Ritzmann Collection, 943 Broadway, New York

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Isma'il Pasha, Khedive of Egypt
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