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Negro Record Book. Slave Register.



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Register of enslaved persons brought into the state by their owners not for sale or hire dating 1845-1846. Also includes lists of witnesses summoned to appear before a Grand Jury, 1865-1868.


From the "Record of Slaves, 1845-68" for Lowndes County, Mississippi (also known as "The Negro Record Book" or "The Slave Register"). The portion of this volume documenting registered enslaved persons covers 1845-1846. The state of Mississippi enacted a law on May 13, 1837 requiring slave owners to register with the clerk of the Circuit Clerk of the county most convenient to the place where he first entered the state, and take an oath that he had not brought such slave or slaves into the state for the purpose of sale or hire. The clerk was then required to record that the oath had taken place and provide said person with a certificate containing an official seal. Traveling in or through the state without taking said oath would result in an arrest. If found guilty, the punishment was payment of a fine. Citation: Laws of Mississippi-Called Session: 9-368. The "Record of Slaves, 1845-68" book also includes eighteen lists of "Witnesses Summoned to attend and testify before the Grand Jury" for the April, August, October, and December Terms of Court from 1857-1868. In addition, there are four "Summons to appear before the Grand Jury" forms loose throughout the book dating 1865-1867.

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1840-1849; 1850-1859; 1860-1869


Slaveholders.; Slavery -- Mississippi.; Slavery -- Mississippi -- History -- Sources.; Slaveholders.; Slaves -- Social Conditions.; Plantations -- Mississippi.; Legal documents.; Negotiable instruments.


Slavery, Slaves, Circuit Court, Enslaved persons, Lowndes County, Mississippi, Colored, Freedmen

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Columbus--Mississippi; Lowndes County (Miss.).

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Legal Instrument

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Lowndes County Circuit Court Record of Slaves, 1845-68

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Lowndes County Circuit Court Record of Slaves, 1845-68. Billups-Garth Archives, Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System (Mississippi).


Columus-Lowndes Public Library System, Mississippi


Columbus-Lowndes Public Library System, Mississippi

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Mississippi State University Libraries


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Lowndes County Circuit Court Record of Slaves, 1845-68



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