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COPE-ID - COVID-19 Online Prevalence of Emotions in Institutions Database


Our team developed the COVID-19 Online Prevalence of Emotions in Institutions Database (COPE-ID) that captures and organizes online discussions of COVID-19 related to fear, anxiety, and social institutions so that the research community can address an array of research questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using COVID-19 related keywords as our search criteria, we used Application Programming Interfaces and Python code to pull data from ten social media and forum platforms: 1) 4chan, 2) 8 kun, 3) Flickr, 4) Gab, 5) Mastodon, 6) Parler, 7) Reddit, 8) Tumblr, 9) Twitter, and 10) YouTube. Data collection date ranges include January 2020 to April 2021.

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Social Science Research Center


COVID-19, Emotions, Misinformation, Data Science, Health & Society


Computer Sciences | Data Science | Inequality and Stratification | Politics and Social Change | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Policy | Sociology | Sociology of Culture

Chan_4.csv (734 kB)
Chan_8.csv (119 kB)
Flickr.csv (1811 kB)
Gab.csv (31284 kB)
Mastodon.csv (10398 kB)
Parler.csv (25911 kB)
Tumblr.csv (9551 kB)
Twitter.csv (87470 kB)
YouTube.csv (30554 kB)
Reddit_00.csv (69140 kB)
Reddit_01.csv (71290 kB)
Reddit_02.csv (71309 kB)
Reddit_03.csv (71358 kB)
Reddit_04.csv (71407 kB)
Reddit_05.csv (71365 kB)
Reddit_06.csv (71395 kB)
Reddit_07.csv (70551 kB)
Reddit_08.csv (71327 kB)
Reddit_09.csv (72289 kB)
Reddit_10.csv (73455 kB)
Reddit_11.csv (73421 kB)
Reddit_12.csv (73495 kB)
Reddit_13.csv (20858 kB)