Priddy, Matthew W.

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Bian, Linkan

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Doude, Haley R.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Professional Meteorology

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Master of Science


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Department of Geosciences


This work seeks to characterize the impact of build interruptions to additively manufactured Al-Si-10-Mg produced by the powder bed fusion (PBF) process. Additive manufacturing represents a significant investment in overhead, machine, and material making an interruption to the process a potential waste of money and time. Interruptions in the form of power outages, lack of powdered feedstock, and/or shielding gas will cause the machine to operate in an unintended manner, potentially even stopping the build process. The process of manufacturing will influence the microstructure, which determine the material’s properties and performance. An interrupted PBF process could exhibit unique microstructural features and reduced mechanical properties that distinguish the resulting material from a continuous PBF process. Experiments were performed to simulate a production interruption with varying time periods of interruption and air exposure. The zone of interruption was characterized using optical micrographs, EDS, and hardness measurements to determine any effects of the interruption.



United States Army Research Laboratory