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Mississippi State University


Jones, Bryan A.

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Hansen, Eric A.

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Morris, Thomas H.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Continuum robots are the biologically inspired robots that mimic the behaviors of mammalian tongues, elephant trunks, and octopus arms. These robots feature a backboneless structure similar to their biological counterparts, such as termed muscular hydrostats. The drawbacks of two existing designs are examined and a new mechanical design that uses a single latex rubber tube as the central member is proposed, providing a design that is both simple and robust. Next, a novel verification procedure is applied to examine the validity of the proposed model in two different domains of applicability. A two-level electrical control scheme enables rapid prototyping and can be used to control the continuum robot remotely with a joystick via a Local Area Network (LAN). Next, a new geometrical approach to solve inverse kinematics for continuum type robot manipulators is introduced. Given the tip of a three-section robot, end-points of section 1 and section 2 are computed, and a complete inverse kinematics solution for a multisection continuum robot is then achieved by applying inverse kinematics to each section continuum trunk. Moreover, the algorithm provides a solution space rather than a single valid solution. Finally, the techniques involved in visualization of AirOctor/OctArm in 3D space in real-time are discussed.The algorithm has been tested with several system topologies.