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Mississippi State University


Madsen, John D.

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Dibble, Eric D.

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Byrd, John D.

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Wersal, Ryan M.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Weed Science

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


In order to develop recommendations for management of hydrilla at Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi a number of techniques were utilized. Point intercept surveys were conducted within known hydrilla sites at Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi in order to quantitatively assess chemical management for hydrilla control. Hydrilla tuber data were also collected during the winter and spring of 2012 and 2013. Tuber data were compared between the Ross Barnett Reservoir and Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway in order to see the effects of chemical management on hydrilla tuber bank dynamics. Water exchange data were collected using Rhodamine WT dye at Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi to determine water exchange characteristics. Dye half-life varied between the eight plots, with a minimum estimated half-life of 2.0 hours and maximum estimated half-life of 30.9 hours. Herbicide evaluations showed that bispyribac-sodium, penoxsulam, and fluridone provide the best hydrilla control 12 weeks after treatment.