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Electrical Engineering

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Reconfiguration is needed to meet the fight-through and survivability requirements of a shipboard power system. Reconfiguration involves the re-arrangement of power system topology through the opening and switching of breakers, and adjusting of total generators and load values. When the power system is reconfigured, the protection system needs to be attuned to the new power system state. This thesis focuses on developing an adaptive protection scheme for shipboard power systems that will automatically update relay settings after changes in power system topology and operational state. The developed adaptive protection scheme employs four main algorithms to achieve its goal. A topology-recognition algorithm uses the statuses (open/close) of breakers to determine the topological-configuration of the system. A powerlow and a fault-analysis algorithm are used to determine the system?s normal and fault currents, respectively. A protection-setting algorithm is used to determine and set the operating parameters of all the relays in the system. The scheme was implemented in MATLAB miles and tested on various configurations of a notional shipboard power system. The tests results were verified in CAPE.