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Grace, Laura

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Shmulsky, Rubin

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Discolorations in highly valued southern hardwood species have been a costly problem for the U.S. forest products industry since its beginning. Both microbial (fungi) and non-microbial (enzyme-mediated) sapstain problems are more prevalent in the southeast than in other regions, so preventive measure must be done to keep hardwood logs and lumber discolorationree. Six full-scale field trials were conducted along the Mississippi River from Yokena, MS to Ripley, TN between March to October 2007. The basis for the research was a belief that discolorations that affect southern hardwood logs can be controlled by various techniques such as log end coating, inventory management, and combinations of each. These tests revealed important information such as chemical compatibility issues, storage facility upkeep, workforce development through scheduling and communication, and other items were found in this research to keep southern hardwood logs and lumber from discoloring.