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Mississippi State University


Brown, Michael E.

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Wax, Charles L.

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Rodgers, John C., III

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Alabama, also known as the Dixie state, is no stranger to severe weather. Severe weather can occur during much of the year. Experienced local forecasters have long suspected that North and Central Alabama has its own tornado alley. Many of these forecasters have noticed storm tracks as well as tornado tracks to be similar to past historic events. Many questions have risen about the exact influential factors that cause convective initiation and tornadic development. For example the effects of terrain, water, and population on tornado climatology will be discussed in this study. The sometimes unreliable climatology of tornadoes will be addressed as well as the history of storm reporting. Tornado clusters were found and further explained regarding relationships with terrain, water, and population. Through this research, it is concluded that there are two distinct tornado regions that exist in North and Central Alabama.