Dynamic Modeling Framework to Predict Instantaneous Status of a Tractor-Dolly System


Liu, Yucheng

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Ball, John E.

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Mazzola, Michael

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


A dynamic modeling framework was established to predict the position and alignment (turning angle) of a tractor-dolly towing system receiving different driver inputs. This framework consists of three primary components: (1) a state space model to determine position and velocity of the system through Newton’s second law; (2) a model that transfers angular acceleration through each successive towed vehicle; and (3) a polygon model to draw an instantaneous shape of the vehicle representing its location and alignment. Input parameters of this model include initial conditions of the system, real time location of a reference point that can be determined through a beacon and radar system, and instantaneous accelerations, which come from driver maneuvers found on a data collecting system installed on the tractor. The purpose is to create an output that presents the position of the dolly vehicles with reference to the tractor at any time point.



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