Sriram Rajan


Lazarou, Greorgios.

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Younan, Nicholas H.

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Philip, Thomas

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Chu, Yul

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks can be updated dynamically by means of wireless upgrade mechanisms. Current research efforts in wireless upgrade mechanisms for WSN have focused on transmitting application packets for upgrades via wireless medium. However, these schemes require significant overhead involved in sending and receiving application packets that affect the sensor operation, in addition to bringing the nodes down to reprogram and restart them. By designing applications in a way that allows dynamic functionality changes during operation, the overhead and sensor delays can be eliminated. Dynamically Controllable Application (DCA) is a novel scheme for designing WSN applications whose behavior can be rapidly and dynamically changed during operation. The results indicate that a veritable functionality change is achieved in a span of a few milliseconds.