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Mississippi State University


Wax, Benjamin

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Kavazis, Andreas

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Webb, Heather

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Gilliland, Katherine

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Exercise Physiology

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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Department of Kinesiology


Glycine-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium (GAKIC) is an amino acid combination postulated to improve dynamic performance of skeletal muscle during acute, anaerobic exercise in healthy individuals. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the ergogenic effects of GAKIC ingestion on resistance training performance in both trained male and female participants. Methods: Utilizing a double-blinded, crossover design, male participants completed a lower body leg press resistance exercise protocol and female participants completed a lower body leg extension resistance exercise protocol once using 10.2 g GAKIC and the other with a placebo. Results: A significant increase in TLV after GAKIC supplementation was observed in both male and female participants performing a lower body resistance exercise. No significant differences were found in lower body 1RM, HR, BLa, and Glucose between conditions in both groups. Conclusion: We concluded with the specific exercise protocols that were implemented, GAKIC increased TLV in the lower body exercises.