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Disability Studies

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Introduction: The disruption of postural control is one factor that can lead to falls for the geriatric population. Dual tasking can increase the likelihood of a fall for this population. Finding effective ways to lower falls in the geriatric population may increase quality of life. Hydrotherapy is a new therapeutic practice to increase balance performance. Purpose: The purpose is to determine the effectiveness of a six-week hydrotherapy program and its effects on dual-tasking, postural control, and balance in a geriatric population. Methods:11 elderly adults completed static/dynamic balance test with a Stroop Color and Word Test pre/post 6 weeks of dual-tasking balance training either in a land-based (LB) or hydrotherapy (HYDRO) group. Results:Both groups improved in dual tasking responses and overall static and dynamic balance. Conclusions: Both LB and HYDRO may show improvements in static and dynamic balance while under a dual tasking condition. The HYDRO group showed greater improvements in movement time after six weeks.