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Mississippi State University


Berry, John

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Schneiderm Judy

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Luck, Rogelio

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Castings made of aluminum 319 and A356.2 alloy were examined to determine the effectiveness of using pressure application during solidification to reduce porosity levels. Pyknometry was the method chosen to measure porosity. It was determined that the porosity of castings poured in both alloys was reduced in some instances. During the study, the surfaces of these castings were also examined and some were found to have defects present. After the porosity was evaluated, specimens of castings poured in both alloys were tested to determine whether or not the surface intrusions affected the castings. The defects were found to reduce the strength of the castings poured in aluminum 319. The castings poured in A356.2 did not have surface intrusions or any significant decreases in strength. Therefore it was concluded that of the two alloys tested, A356.2 alloy is most suited for using pressurization as a method of reducing porosity.