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Santosh Seran

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Mississippi State University


Donohoe, Patrick J.

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Topsakal, Erdem

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Younan, Nicohlas

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Smith, Robert

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Dissertation - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


In this work, we present rigorous and efficient methods for analyzing scattering from the following structures • Tandem Slit loaded with homogeneous material • Eccentrically loaded cylinder with multiple slits • Semicircular cylinder and slit • Dielectric loaded Wedge shaped cylinder • Circular cylinder with resonant cavities and resonant cavities on circular arc. For analyzing the material loaded tandem slit configuration, the boundary value problem is formulated into a pair of simultaneous Wiener-Hopf equations via Fourier transformation. After decoupling these equations by elementary transformation, each modified Wiener-Hopf equation is reduced to a Fredholm integral equation of the second kind. The integral equations are then solved approximately to yield the Fourier transform of the diffracted fields. The inverse transform is evaluated asymptotically to obtain the far field expressions. Measurements and numerical simulations are also performed for several different geometric and material configurations. The analytic solutions compare well with measured and simulated results. The possibility of reducing beamwidth and increasing power coupled through the loaded tandem slit is explored. The analysis of the eccentrically loaded cylindrical cavity with multiple slits under plane wave illumination is formulated using two distinct approaches: (1) an integral equation/combined boundary condition (IE/CBC) formulation and (2) an integral equation/Neumann series expansion (IE/NS) formulation. The IE/NS formulation is shown to converge faster than the IE/CBC formulation based on the proper edge behavior exhibited by the Neumann series current expansion functions. Results for the backscattered radar cross section (RCS) of several geometries are presented, and the relationships between the RCS and the scatterer characteristics are explored. The applicability of the Neumann series method to find a fast method for evaluating scattering from a metallic strip and semicircular cylinder is presented. The Neumann series of different periodicity is used for studying scattering from wedge shaped cylinder. The Neumann series is also applied to study scattering from a circular cylinder with resonant cavities and resonant cavities on a circular arc. These resonant cavities on a circular arc have superdirective properties, which are useful for high gain antenna design.