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Simpson, Chartrisa LaShan

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Seo, Keun Seok

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Horton, Renita E.

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Elder, Steven H.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Biomedical Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Food insecurity is a growing issue in the United States. Iron deficiency is the most common form of nutritional deficiency in patients with endothelial dysfunction and vascular-related diseases. This preliminary study lays the groundwork for the “Nutrient deficiency-on-a-chip” model. Endothelial cells are cultured on mechanically tunable, enzymatically cross-linked gelatin and treated with deferoxamine, an iron chelator, or angiotensin II were used to simulate a nutrient deficient and diseased environment, respectively. As oxidative stress and disturbed barrier function are the most prevailing mechanism of angiotensin II and iron deficiency induced endothelial dysfunction, to test our model we investigated the changes in reactive oxygen species production and VE-cadherin expression in engineered endothelium. Both angiotensin II and deferoxamine treated engineered endothelium showed an increase in oxidative stress and disturbed barrier function. This in vitro model can be a useful tool to better understand disease mechanisms associated with nutrient deficiency and identify novel therapeutics.