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Min Lee

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Mississippi State University


Prewitt, M. Lynn

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Borazjani, Hamid.

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Kim, Moon G.

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Mun, Sung-Phil.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Forest Products

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Forest Resources


Department of Sustainable Bioproducts


Wood waste containing formaldehyde based resins are generated yearly and disposed in landfills or burned. No regulations exist in most states and no studies have been conducted to address formaldehyde emission from wood waste buried in landfills. The objective of this study was to: a) determine the amount of formaldehyde released into air and leachate from MDF disposed in a simulated landfill, b) analyze the environmental impacts of leachate containing formaldehyde, and c) investigate change in chemical and morphological properties of disposed MDF. Sampling of MDF, soil and leachate were conducted for determination of formaldehyde weekly for 56 days by HPLC. Environmental impacts of leachate was determined by BOD, COD, and toxicity. Changes in the chemical composition and morphological structures were also determined. No detectable formaldehyde was observed in MDF, soil or leachate after 28 days. The BOD and COD levels indicated the leachate was not suitable for drinking.