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Mississippi State University


Byrd, John D.

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Bryson, Charles T.

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Ezell, Andrew W.

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Madsen, John D.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Weed Science

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Master of Science (M.S.)


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Plant and Soil Sciences


To deliver reliable electricity to consumers on a dependable basis, electric utility companies must control undesirable woody vegetation growing on powerline rights-of-way (ROW). Six study sites were utilized for field experiments conducted in the summers of 2008 and 2009 in Neshoba County, Mississippi. This research focused on brush control on electric utility powerline distribution rights-of-way (ROW) using treatments with a recently formulated herbicide (aminocyclopyrachlor) compared to existing conventional treatments in a standard vegetation treatment program. Aminocyclopyrachlor treatments, regardless of rate or method of application, were ineffective as a stand-alone herbicide on most brush species in the study. Another experiment was conducted in the spring of 2008 on one site in Lowndes and Oktibbeha counties, Mississippi to evaluate efficacy of DAS 2706 compared with other selected bareground herbicides. Results of the experiment indicate that DAS 2706 is not a likely candidate for successful stand-alone bareground herbicide treatment.