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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Veterinary Medical Research

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Master of Science (M.S.)


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A maxillary nerve block via a modified infraorbital approach, applied before rhinoscopy and nasal biopsy, would decrease nociception, minimize cardiorespiratory anesthetic effects, and improve recoveries. In a crossover study, bupivacaine or equivalent volume of saline was administered to 8 healthy dogs via a modified infraorbital approach into each pterygopalatine region. Rhinoscopy and nasal biopsy were performed. Heart rate, blood pressure, plasma cortisol and norepinephrine concentrations, purposeful movement, and pain scores were monitored. Following a 14-day washout, dogs received the alternate treatment on the contralateral side. Blood pressures were significantly higher for the saline treatment than bupivacaine treatment. Plasma cortisol concentrations in the saline treatment were significantly higher 5 minutes after biopsy than at biopsy. No other parameters were significant. Using a maxillary nerve block via a modified infraorbital approach prior to rhinoscopy and nasal biopsy reduced procedural nociception. These findings warrant further evaluation in dogs with nasal disease.