Larson, Erick J.

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Roberts, Darrin F.

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Ebelhar, M. Wyane

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Martin, Steven W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Row patterns affected irrigated corn productivity when grown in the Mid-South region of the United States. Narrow (76 cm) row spacing increased grain yield 8% when compared to traditional wide (96-102 cm) row spacing. Twin rows (20-25 cm spacing) in a wide (96-102 cm) row pattern, produced similar grain yield as a traditional wide single row. At a normal plant density of 79,040 ha-1, traditional wide rows yielded 10.51 Mg ha-1, twin wide rows yielded 10.34 Mg ha-1, and the narrow rows yielded 11.33 Mg ha-1. Growing corn at various plant densities did not affect corn grain yield response to various row patterns. As a comparison the traditional wide rows and twin rows were similar in their yield, and the narrow rows performed better. Corn grain yields for the traditional 96-102 cm wide single rows were 11.20 Mg ha-1, wide 96-102 cm twin rows yielded 11.22 Mg ha-1, and narrow 76 cm rows produced 12.07 Mg ha-1. Row pattern had no effect on corn plant height, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), leaf area index (LAI), SPAD, stalk diameter, and plant lodging in either study.