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Mississippi State University


Palmer, D. Charles

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Wells, K Debbie

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Bailey, Ann

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Gainer, Donna

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Looby, Joan

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Dissertation - Open Access


Counselor Education

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Foundations


The purpose of this study was to examine self-reported health behaviors (health responsibility, physical activity, nutrition, spiritual growth, interpersonal relations and stress management) of Resident Directors who self-reported being affiliated with ACUHO-I. The second purpose of the study was to examine which areas of health behaviors, do Resident Directors believe, their participation influences the health behaviors of their students. This was completed by inviting Resident Directors to complete the Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II (HPLPII). A total of (n=308) Resident Directors completed the HPLPII. The results of this study are ground breaking because it is the first study examining the health behaviors of Resident Directors. Results show that Resident Directors are minimally practicing health behaviors especially in the area of health responsibility.