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Davis, Ed James

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Dissertation - Open Access


Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


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High quality induction for novice teachers has reduced the attrition rates for many states. The methods of implementation, components of the induction, and quality of the induction vary from district to district. The purpose of this research was to examine the components of novice teacher induction which may have a positive impact on novice teachers’ intentions to stay in that teaching position and to determine which aspects of induction will increase teacher job satisfaction by examining the commonalities among their perceptions of their induction. There is current and past research concerning the effectiveness of new teacher induction and the link between job satisfaction and participation in new teacher induction. However, the previous research does not address specific components of teacher induction which increase teacher job satisfaction. This research addresses that gap. This study addresses two research questions: (a) are there specific aspects of teacher induction which increase job satisfaction in novice teachers and (b) do those specific factors of teacher induction which increase job satisfaction have a positive impact on new teachers’ intentions to stay in the teaching profession? The independent variables for this study were determined by current research and by the induction plans of the three participating districts. 8 variables were identified for this study. The independent variables are new teacher orientation, presence of a mentor, participation in team lesson planning, regular meetings, observations of novice teacher by mentor, observations of veteran teachers by novice teacher, specific activities to be completed each month, and personal reflection by the novice teacher. In accordance with previous research, the researcher will be using intention to leave as a measure of teacher attrition. The initial population for this study consisted of all novice teachers participating in induction in three Mississippi school districts during the 2008/2009 school year. There are 61 novice teachers. A sample of 40 was randomly selected. The data was gathered through the use of the survey “Novice Teacher Survey”. The research indicated that 7 of the variables were reported by novice teachers as increasing job satisfaction. The same 7 independent variables were linked to intention to stay.