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Mississippi State University


Monts, David L.

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Arnoldus, Hendrik F.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Fiber optics has been utilized in fiber optic, sensing technology, imaging optics, communications, etc. Fiber optic sensors have been developed to sense in many applications. In this thesis, fiber loop ringdown (FLRD) sensors were used to monitor two different physical sensors, such as gas flow and humidity. FLRD gas flow sensors were demonstrated. Two different sensor configurations were constructed to monitor airflow (AF). FLRD-AF sensor was based on micro-bending mechanism. The FLRD-AF sensor was able to detect AF in a range of 5 to 22.5 slpm. FLRD technique was also used to measure relative humidity (RH). A sensor was fabricated and replaced inside a chamber. The chamber provided with humidity reference and a humidity meter. The FLRD-RH was based on evanescent field mechanism. The RH and the temperature were monitored during the experiment. The FLRD-RH has a dynamic range of 4 to 100 percent.