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Zhen Xu

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Mississippi State University


Little, D. Randall

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Allen, J. Albert

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Hood, Ken

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Interest in commercial sod production in Mississippi has increased steadily during the past years. The short and intermediate outlook for commercial turfgrass sod production in Mississippi appears strong, given current and expected population growth and steady business, industrial and infrastructure construction. The purpose of this study is to determine current production practices, marketing methods, and associated costs of production for the key types of turfgrass produced in Mississippi. This study also evaluated the financial feasibility of different model turfgrass farms at alternative equity positions. The results of this study indicated that it is financially feasible to produce turfgrass in 310-acre farms and 160-acre farms whereas investments in small farms fail to generate adequate cash flows during the seven year planning horizon. In addition, turfgrass operations exhibited substantial economies of size.