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Karen Crow

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Mississippi State University


Downey, Laura Hall

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Green, Rita W.

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Smith, Rebecca

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Financial literacy is a growing problem in the United States. While research has approached the formation of financial skills from a variety of angles, little is known about the influence of religiosity. Using the College Student Financial Literacy Survey (CSFLS) and Duke University Religiosity Index (DUREL), data was analyzed for correlations between religiosity and financial knowledge, financial attitudes, and financial behaviors. Data was collected from 938 undergraduates at Mississippi State University via an online survey using Qualtrics survey software in the spring of 2015. Items measured on the DUREL (i.e., religiosity) were not significantly related to financial attitudes, financial knowledge, or financial behavior. These findings are important for churches and faith-based organizations as well as financial educators as populations in need seek financial education. Faith leaders and institutions could incorporate financial lessons to improve the financial skills of all members.