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Mississippi State University


Sun, Changyou

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Liddell Pearson

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Fan, Zhaofei

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Wildfires in the United States present a complexity of problems for private landowners and policy makers. This thesis takes a look at two key issues faced by private and government stakeholders; the first being a lack of knowledge regarding current prescribed fire laws and regulations. A legal review of administrative laws and regulations for prescribed burning in the Southeastern United States in the context of management-based regulation is used to address this issue. It was found that regulation for prescribed burning has shifted to a more management–based regime. The second is an empirical study of wildfire distribution in the state of Mississippi. Wildfires appear to fit a Pareto distribution throughout the state given a certain threshold. When analyzed in conjunction both studies could aid lawmakers in projecting the effects of a given policy change on actual wildfire occurrences and distribution.