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Shen Ma

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Mississippi State University


Gu, Mengmeng

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Baldwin, Brian

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Reddy, Raja K.

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Harkess, Richard

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Flower forcing to meet holiday market can increase the value of potted flowering plants. This study was to investigate the effects of chilling and post-chilling photoperiod treatments on flowering of banana shrub and the effects of water stress, daminozide, chlormequat, and ethephon on flowering of bougainvillea. Experiments were conducted at R.R. Foil Plant Science Research Center and MSU Dorman Greenhouse at Mississippi State University (MSU), Mississippi State, MS. Results from banana shrub experiment indicated that 8-week chilling at 8 ºC was necessary for banana shrub to break bud dormancy and a tank mix of daminozide and chlormequat was able to increase the number of flower buds on banana shrub. Results from bougainvillea experiment indicated that water stress, daminozide, and chlormequat enhanced flowering. In conclusion, this study provided fundamental information to future research on flower forcing of banana shrub and bougainvillea.