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Jun Zhai

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Mississippi State University


Grebner, Donals L.

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Grala, Robert K.

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Munn, Ian A.

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Fan, Zhaofei

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forestry


The presence and spread of invasive tree species have caused great ecological and economic damages. Previous studies usually ignored the role of socioeconomic factors and seldom treated presence and abundance as different phenomena. Using Classification and Regression Trees (CART) analysis, important driving factors affecting the presence and abundance of invasive tree species in Mississippi were identified. Then these selected important factors were spatially analyzed using a spatial lag model at the plot and county levels. The empirical results from the spatial lag model showed that: 1) presence was associated with elevation, ownership, population density and per capita annual income; 2) abundance was related to stand age, elevation, growing stock and per capita annual income. These findings suggested that socioeconomic factors besides ecological factors played a significant role and factors affecting the presence and abundance were different. Thus, management prescriptions to monitor and control invasions should depend on difference factors.