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Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

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Tobacco use among Mauritian adolescents has increased steadily since 2008. Currently, Mauritius has not implemented any school-based anti-tobacco program and there is no instrument to assess the effectiveness of existing anti-tobacco school policies. Since the first cigarette can rapidly lead to nicotine dependence, targeted interventions must be assessed before established patterns of smoking appear. This study evaluated a tobacco use prevention education instrument to determine the effectiveness of a school-based anti-tobacco program. 26 male students completed a survey before and after receiving anti-tobacco lessons. Smoking initiation age could not predict likelihood of tobacco addiction (r(12)=0.320, p=0.311). However, after receiving the anti-tobacco lessons, participants were less likely to believe that youth who smoke have more friends (p < 0.001) and were more knowledgeable about tobacco’s dangers (t(25)=3.94, p=0.001). This indicated that, with a few changes, the instrument can be used to assess the implementation of a school-based anti-tobacco program in Mauritius.