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Mississippi State University


Morse, Alan L.

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Moore, Robert S.

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Wax Jr., Benjamin

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


Electronic service quality (ESQ) and customer orientation (CO) have become key tools to succeed in the competitive marketplace. Thus, the purpose of this research was to study how CO as perceived by the customers impacts their perception about the firm’s ESQ and to study the impact of this perceived ESQ on the outcomes at the customer level. There has been minimal research conducted on the components of ESQ in the fitness industry. Therefore, this research was focused on fitness firms wherein the participants for this study were the everyday gym goers. A quantitative survey was conducted in order to collect the data, and regression analysis was used to test the validity of the proposed model. The findings showed that there is a positive relationship between perceived CO and perceived ESQ, and a positive relationship between perceived ESQ and customer level outcomes such as customer satisfaction, customer trust and word-of-mouth.