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In this work, we investigate the presence of stellar companions around hot Jupiter systems using data sets from the Clio and VISAO instruments on the Magellan Telescope. We observed eighteen targets of which eleven have known spin-orbit obliquity measurements. We detected eleven candidate companions of which five are new discoveries, five involved the validation and confirmation of previous studies, and one candidate proved to be a background star not bound to the transiting planet system. Out of eleven systems with known spin-orbit obliquity, seven systems have candidate companions. Due to the size of the sample, we could not find any correlation between the spin-orbit obliquity and the presence of a stellar companion. As future work, we will do follow up observations on the targets with candidate companions. We will increase our sample to one hundred systems to investigate if there is a correlation between spin-orbit obliquity and the presence of a distant stellar companion.



Astronomy||Exoplanet||Hot Jupiters||Stellar companions