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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Forest Products

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Master of Science


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The purpose of this research was to quantify properties of strandboard panels manufactured with various preservatives at loading levels effective against native termites. Panels were manufactured using nine different formulations. The method of preservative addition was also examined for some preservative formulations, increasing the total number of preservative treatments to twelve. Panels were manufactured with one target retention for each preservative treatment. An effective preservative loading relative to termites was established by previous studies or referencing current standards. Mechanical testing performed included static bending and internal bond. Physical testing included water absorption, thickness swell, and linear expansion. Few treatments met the Canadian standards for strandboard, but several preservatives performed well. Copper naphthenate, bifenthrin, and copper betaine each deserve further investigation to optimize manufacturing variables to meet required mechanical and physical properties.



engineered wood||wood composite||wood preservatives||composite durability||treated wood composite||strandboard||composite panel||southern yellow pine||copper naphthenate||borate||copper betaine||bifenthrin