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Hebi Yin

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Mississippi State University


Felicelli, D. Sergio

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Berry, T. John

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Wang, Liang

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Luck, Rogelio

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Dissertation - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dendrite growth is the primary form of crystal growth observed in laser deposition process of most commercial metallic alloys. The properties of metallic alloys strongly depend on their microstructure; that is the shape, size, orientation and composition of the dendrite matrix formed during solidification. Understanding and controlling the dendrite growth is vital in order to predict and achieve the desired microstructure and hence properties of the laser deposition metals. A two dimensional (2D) model combining the finite element method (FE) and the cellular automaton technique (CA) was developed to simulate the dendrite growth both for cubic and for hexagonal close-packed (HCP) crystal structure material. The application of this model to dendrite growth occurring in the molten pool during the Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS®) process was discussed. Based on the simulation results and the previously published experimental data, the expressions describing the relationship between the cooling rate and the dendrite arm spacing (DAS), were proposed. In addition, the influence of LENS process parameters, such as the moving speed of the laser beam and the layer thickness, on the DAS was also discussed. Different dendrite morphologies calculated at different locations were explained based on local solidification conditions. And the influence of convection on dendrite growth was discussed. The simulation results showed a good agreement with previously published experiments. This work contributes to the understanding of microstructure formation and resulting mechanical properties of LENS-built parts as well as provides a fundamental basis for optimization of the LENS process.



solidification modeling||dendrite growth||cellular automaton||finite element||lattice Boltzmann