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Shoup, Brian

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Radin, Dagmar

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Cavanaugh, Jeffrey

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Political Science and Public Administration

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Master of Arts


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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Oil wealth enriches Nigeria, but it has not improved the lives of the majority of the masses living in the oil-bearing areas of the Niger Delta. Niger Delta region has been exposed to environmental risks that have caused many to lose their means of livelihood, triggering high level of poverty in the region. This study examines the impact of oil-related environmental problems and how it has induced human displacement in the Niger Delta. Furthermore, it examined the efficacy of the Nigerian environmental policies as it related to the oil-bearing areas. The research found that oil activities have caused more harm than good in the Niger Delta. At present, the oil-bearing areas remain marginalized from the mainstream economic, social, and political activities in Nigeria. The Nigerian government’s top-down approach to the development of the oil-bearing areas has not been people-centered and participatory. The paper also made some viable recommendations.



human displacement||environmental Degradation