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Mississippi State University


Eksioglu, Sandra Duni

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Eksioglu, Burak

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Jin, Mingzhou

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Industrial Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Natural or man-made disasters result in unfortunate events around the nation every year. Such extreme events necessitate the short-notice or no-notice evacuation of a large population from the stricken area. This research presents an optimization modeling technique to develop an evacuation plan for transit-dependent residents during no-notice disaster situation. The proposed plan relies on the application of existing public transit system of an urban area. The public transit routing plan (PTRP) problem is formulated as a mixed integer linear program. The PTRP identifies the optimal routes for transit vehicles to move evacuees from the danger zone to designated safe destinations. A heuristic TABU search algorithm is used to find high-quality solution in a reasonable amount of time. Finally, DYNASMART-P is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed PTRP. Numerical experiments are conducted using the traffic network of the city of Fort Worth, TX, to illustrate the proposed modeling technique.



No-notice emergency evacuation||public transit system||optimization modeling||TABUsearch||optimization modeling