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Dissertation - Open Access


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Doctor of Philosophy


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This study investigated teacher perceptions of preparedness for implementing the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards/Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (ELA CCSS/MCCRS) that require the use of technology. Participants included 101 ELA teachers in Mississippi from varying backgrounds and school sizes who responded to a survey via email. The survey was comprised of questions written in order to expand on professional development opportunities teachers have had available to them, technology that teachers have access to in their schools/districts, levels of self-efficacy teachers have with technology use, value assigned to technology in the classroom, and support that teachers have within their school/district for issues related to technology. Descriptive statistics, plots, and regression models are included to highlight factors that have an effect on the amount of technology teachers are or are not using in conjunction with the ELA CCSS/MCCRS. The findings revealed that teachers in Mississippi believe that the integration of technology into the ELA Standards is important, but they are not all equipped with the technology nor support needed in order to meet the standards in the way that they are written. The results also showed that although teachers do assign a high level of value to technology use in the classroom, this was not enough of an influence to inform the amount of technology implemented into their classrooms. The same was true for self-efficacy. Value and self-efficacy related to technology are integral for implementation, but if teachers are not supplied with the applicable technologies or appropriate professional development and support in order to utilize classroom technology, then they are not enough to affect implementation. Many areas such as availability and use of technology, teacher value and self-efficacy for technology, issues with professional development, educational policy, and additional research were informed by the results revealed in this study.



English Language Arts Standards||Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards||Common Core||technology requirements for impolementation||technology use