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Mississippi State University


Briley, Chiquita A.

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Tidwell, Diane K.

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Hall, Michael

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion


Randomly selected Native American families eligible to receive commodity foods were provided cameras to take pictures of visual responses in the areas of: 1) primary food purchases, 2) family use of food, 3) family activities and information access, and 4) future goals of the family. Using a focus-group format, participants chose five pictures that represented the group’s consensual responses. Selected pictures and meaning were analyzed using thematic analysis procedures. Twelve families completed the project. There were four major themes: 1) the importance of family and the Native-American community, 2) health of individual and family including extended family as it pertains to physical, social, emotional and economic stability, 3) spiritual beliefs and its impact on family’s morals and values, and 4) economic constraints of daily living activities. Aspects of the social-marketing campaign should address the entire family including extended family and must be culturally and economically specific to limited-resource families.



Photovoice||Nutrition Social Marketing||Chickasaw Native Americans||Obesity