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Shi Meng

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Mississippi State University


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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Food Science and Technology

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion


Soybeans with large seed size, uniformity, clear hilum, and high 11S/7S ratio are favored for soymilk and tofu making. In order to find ideal soybean lines for food making, sixty-eight soybean lines, which were selected from thousands of accessions in the USDA-Soybean Germplasm Collection, were planted in three successive seasons. Eight lines were identified from twenty-two lines harvested in 2014 (Stoneville, MS) to be suitable for tofu making as judged by chemical composition and sensory quality of tofu. The results provided important food quality information to the growers, breeders and tofu industries for their selection of soybean to improve food quality. In the filled tofu making and texture analysis study, the correlation between A3 subunit percentage and tofu firmness was significant (N=22. r = 0.77, P < 0.001). The result proved that the percentage of A3 subunits could be an indicator for predicting the firmness of tofu.



A3 subunit.||11S/7S ratio||sensory evaluation||tofu quality||soybean selection||Soybean quality