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Mississippi State University


Newman, Micahel E.

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Peterson, Donna J.

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Downey, Laura Hall

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Agricultural and Extension Education

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Master of Science


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Food accessibility was determined for each Mississippi County, based on data obtained from the Retail Survey regarding common fruits and vegetables in available in food stores. Availability data were correlated with four social-economic/demographic variables: race, median household income, SNAP enrollment, and education. There were negative low magnitude correlations between percentages of Africans American and fresh fruit and vegetables availability, and percentages of SNAP benefits recipients and fresh fruit and vegetables availability. Positive low magnitude correlations were found between income and fresh fruit availability, and education and fruit availability. Lastly, moderate positive correlations were found between education and fruit availability and income and availability. This research can be used to help extension agents and farmers’ market managers better understand places that may have a lack of fresh food available. This research will also allow SNAP-Ed professionals a chance to have an idea of where their services are needed.



Food||Mississippi||Food Deserts||Delta||South West||Accessibility