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Mississippi State University


Schulz, N. Noal

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Srivastava, Kumar Anurag

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Ginn, L. Herbert

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical power systems are vulnerable to contingencies due to the possibility of fault or damage. When a serious fault (which cannot be removed immediately) occurs in the power system, the fault needs to be isolated, and the remaining system should be reconfigured to make efficient use of available energy. Reconfiguring the system by making an island can be one of the strategies to continue the energy supply using the remaining generation capacity. By analyzing the effect of contingencies on power systems in terms of voltage support, reliability and stability, survivability of the system can be predicted. A survivability index of the system can be developed based on voltage support, reliability and the stability index with predefined weight given to each performance criterion. These weights may vary for different system conditions. The purpose of this research work is to develop a survivability index for shipboard power system and rank reconfiguration choices based on the developed index.



Reconfiguration||Survivability||Survivability Index||voltage support index