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The classification of North American species of Prionus (Prionus) Geoffroy is reevaluated, with three subgenera recognized: P. (Antennalia) Casey, revived status, P. (Neopolyarthron) Semenov, revived status, and P. (Prionus). Prionus (Neopolyarthron) is revised and consists of P. imbricornis (Linnaeus), P. debilis Casey, revived status, and P. cuneatus Casey, revived status, with the latter two species removed from synonymy with P. imbricornis. Prionus robustus Casey, new synonymy, and P. fissicornis parviceps Casey, revised synonymy, are transferred from synonymy with P. imbricornis to synonymy with P. cuneatus and P. fissicornis respectively. Keys to North American subgenera of Prionus and to species of P. (Neopolyarthron) are provided. Species of P. (Neopolyarthron) are redescribed, diagnosed, and illustrated, and the distribution, hosts, habitat, and conservation status of each are discussed. Species distribution maps are provided, along with 26 new state records. Prionus fissicornis is diagnosed, and type specimens of its synonyms are reviewed and illustrated.



ecoregions||grassland||shortgrass prairie||tile-horned prionus||Prionus fissicornis transversus||Prionus thoracicus||Prionus californicus||hardwood root borer||Oak||Quercus||Pecan||Apple||date of publication||Alexander Garden||Santos-Silva||Castanea||Chestnut||tallgrass prairie||seasonality||bionomics||holotype||lectotype