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Mississippi State University


Younan, Nick H.

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King, Roger L.

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Aanstoos, James V.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Currently, the data provided by the heterogeneous buoy sensors/networks (e.g. National Data Buoy center (NDBC), Gulf Of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMoos) etc. is not amenable to the development of integrated systems due to conflicts in the data representation at syntactic and structural levels. With the rapid increase in the amount of information, the integration of heterogeneous resources is an important issue and requires integrative technologies such as semantic web. In distributed data dissemination system, normally querying on single database will not provide relevant information and requires querying across interrelated data sources to retrieve holistic information. In this thesis we develop system for integrating two different Resource Description Framework (RDF) data sources through intelligent querying using Simple Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL). We use Semantic Web application framework from AllegroGraph that provides functionality for developing triple store for the ontological representations, forming federated stores and querying it through SPARQL.