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Martin, James

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McAnally, William

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


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This research includes a sensitivity analysis of channel geometry and model assumptions in 1 dimensional (1D) dam break analysis. The specific modeling assumptions that are analyzed include, breach development time, breach width, and breach side-slopes. The question always arises when doing 1D dam break modeling of how detailed does the geometry data need to be to answer the subject question within an acceptable tolerance. LIDAR data and bathymetric data used for channel characteristic add significant detail to the model geometry as opposed to using course gridded data such as the USGS 10 meter Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). However, as geometry detail increases so does model development time, model run time, and cost to retrieve data. This research analyzes the level of error introduced in model results from accuracy of channel geometry as compared to the level of error introduced from assumption made in breach characteristic.



Hydraulic Modeling