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Li, Xiaofei

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Agricultural Economics

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Climate change impacts on agriculture have been widely researched in recent years. In Sub-Saharan Africa, many of these studies have focused on spatially aggregate impacts at the country or higher level, and typically do not discuss the heterogeneities of impacts within a region. Thus, there is a growing interest in more localized climate change impacts modeling that could help inform regional adaptation within a country. In this study, we utilize a panel of Ghanaian subnational district-level corn yields matched to weather data that is spatially interpolated from observed station data to identify whether warming impacts exhibit spatial heterogeneities for corn yields. Findings show spatial heterogeneities of yields across main and non-main corn growing areas, as well as various ecological zones and also at the district level. Furthermore, findings indicate that extremely high temperature would have negative impacts on yields in main corn-growing areas, meanwhile, impacts are expected to be insignificant in non-main corn growing areas. This study will be helpful in informing future research as well as food security and stability adaptation decisions related to climate change in Ghana. Keywords: corn, yields, climate, change, zones, Ghana